10 WhatsApp tricks you don't know

WhatsApp had also released an amazing feature of hiding online status.

1. Hide whatsapp status

2. Send photos in high quality like this

Now you can send images in high quality through WhatsApp. To send high quality photos, you have to go to Settings from iButton. From here you have to tap on the Storage and Data option, then at the bottom you will find the option of New Media Upload Quality.

2. Send photos in high quality like this

After clicking on it, you get three options: Best Quality, Auto and Data Saver. You can select the option as per your convenience. Keep in mind that in the Best Quality option the photo can be sent in the best quality.

3. Chat on WhatsApp without saving the number

If you do not want to save someone's number in your phone, then you can chat directly by entering the mobile number.

4. You can make online payment with the help of WhatsApp

5. If you want to create a channel like Telegram, then you can easily create a channel on WhatsApp. This will be very beneficial for your followers.

6. You can change the background image during a video call on WhatsApp.

7. Pinning a chat

You can pin any chat on WhatsApp. With this, that chat will always appear on the top. The process of pinning any chat is quite easy.

7. Pinning a chat

For this you will have to press and hold the chat for some time. After this you will see the Pin option at the top. By clicking on this you will have to pin the chat

8. Muting chat:- If you are repeatedly receiving good morning, good night or any other kind of messages from any person or group on WhatsApp and you do not want to see them. In such a situation, you can pin that chat.

9. Mark message as unread:- If you have accidentally read someone's message, you can mark it as unread. WhatsApp gives you this facility.

10. Archive Section:- If someone is harassing you by sending messages again and again. In such a situation, you can put that chat in the archive section.

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